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hydra base

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Hydra base allows the existence of networks associated with multiple templates, but does not provide a method of creating these. This issue is to extend the network creation routine to support the updated argument format originating from the frontend.

In this way there could be some problems in saving data that are not compliant with the local server settings, because most of the hydra code can manage utf8 while the DB in that case cannot. There should be a mechanism by which attributes can be scoped to a project, such that requests for attributes only return a list of attributes relevant to that project, and not globally.

The plugins are defined plugin. The XML schema is a bit too restrictive. It requires ordered inputs for data that has no implicit order requirement, for example. Incidentally the message is not very helpful, a "user not found" message would be good to have. This is on Windows I am using SQLAlchemy 1. I have checked the SQLite. I suspect the problem is that the json.

We should increase these to across the board. This is now mostly working for the same tests as Python 2. One exception is that Python 3 no longer supports comparisons of different types. Rather it raises a TypeError. See travis error at the link below. I think the correct answer here is to try the comparison and catch the exception? Internally these must be stored as objects in the underlying numpy array.

Ref 64 for a marshmallow schema here? Python 2. Numpy 1. A major decision affecting future development concerns the schedule for dropping Python 2. The decision has been made to support 2. In support for 2. I suggest we follow the numpy approach and have a final 2. Having multiple distinct user groups on the same system can become both a security issue and a usability problem. Should we support user groups natively in hydra, rather relying on an app to manage that stuff? To offer a good UI managing the client should interpret the returned error, that is neither easy nor mantainable.

The returned error should be more meaningful and possibly be identified using a "code" unique for any error codified in the server so that the client could recognize it very easily and manage the UI accordingly. The proper syntax is to decorate an abstractmethod with the normal property decorator.

The rules system is not flexible or expressive enough for some of our current tasks, so rules should be updated to do the following:. A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. JavaScript JS is a lightweight interpreted programming language with first-class functions. A server is a program made to process requests and deliver data to clients. Machine learning is a way of modeling and interpreting data that allows a piece of software to respond intelligently.

We are working to build community through open source technology. NB: members must have two-factor auth. GithubHelp home page GithubHelp Search. HydraPlatform A library for managing networks. Installation pip install hydra-base Initialisation The first thing you ened to do when working with Hydra, if you are using a local database is to add some default data to the database. These include: The admin user Default roles and permissions Default units and dimensions A default network and scenario required to perform some admin tasks You can do this using the hydra client.

Forkers jetuk gbasolu openagua tomjanus jojo Situation In this moment the log message is composed in this way: pid datetime message In this way the user has no ideas from where the log message has been generated, having to look inside the code to search for the message and then find an eventual error Improvement To be able to get the problem immediately, I suggest to improve the message adding the following data: file name class name method name line number.

I have spotted these warnings about warnings. Problem We need to migrate all the tests from the "unittests" folder to the "tests" one. Create an alembic DB upgrade script. Rewrite the units. Re-run the tests and ensure they still all work! Some implementation questions here: When submitting a new dataframe type. How is this stored? As sent but with metadata. Converted to a pandas. Saved in internally in a agreed format.

In the cookie for the whole session? As arguments to the GET request? Set it to True or False to suppress this warning. The following must be added to the DB. INFO [alembic. Integer , sa. Every new endpoint needs a test. Please add a test for this endpoint. For example JSON frequency of a daily profile. In hdb. Parameter: Two values, which will be compared for the difference.. Rather than blowing up, just get value 1 from the list. Some 2. Created at 2 months ago. This can be replaced with a bulk update or equivalent compound operation which should be able to demonstrate a significant improvement in throughput for common workloads.

EDIT: See also - it is desirable that a general strategy appropriate for all of these cases can be identified. We need the ability to place a project into another project. This will enable a multi-hierarchical way to access projects, and thereby enable greater control over project and network ownership and permission management.

Created at 3 months ago. Line in b7dd7fa. The field "value" inside the table "tDataset" may contain plain data or semistructured data like a json tree. In case of big json data, the DB itself get a size that makes dump and restore hard to manage. Moreover Mysql long text fields are not the best places to store data that could have to be indexed for their content, as Json.

This means that whenever data are saved into the value field, they should be wrapped into a JSON structure as much as:. The Good in this solution is to remove the need of the tMetadata table, and to have the metadata structure is just as fast as reading a field instead getting data from multiple records forming a tree structure. NoSQL Databases can easily manage big unstructured data, the biggest reason for what they have been built. The good in this is the possibility to mantain a very low footprint on Mysql DB, because records are forced to be small in size.

Lines to in ee In the ui, this leads to a silent failure to apply the new template: a non-error code is returned, the operation appears to succeed, and the network is reloaded, but the new template is not applied. Created at 4 months ago.

Created at 5 months ago. Lines to in 65aebb7. This currently considers all networks whether active or not, and matching on any suffix causes false-positives and makes it difficult for users to apply their own sequential naming schemes to networks. The new clone-network modal enforces a unique-per-project network name, so the responsibility for this can be transferred to the ui, with the server just complaining early and returning an error in the event it is asked to create a duplicate.

Created at 8 months ago. The test here Line in 1af4d Update to provide more rigorous test while minimising calls to template. Created at 10 months ago. We need to fix this by doing a bulk insert of dataset and resource scenarios. Created at 11 months ago. The winpaths module looks to be old and unsupported.

It is used reading in config data on windows. Suggest to try and make this code not OS dependent? Created at 1 year ago. Line 28 in 7d46b6e. Version 1. Lines to in 7d46b6e. This is the hydra-base component of hwi over at GitLab. Updates the model to include additional user details, and provides extensions to the Hydra api to set and retrieve these. Currently data types need to be added as subclasses to the existing data types within python.

The issue with this is that a code-change and new deployment is required every time a new data type is used.

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